Liset Holiday Centre is located in Sunnmøre, and can offer a large range of activities. If you like to fish in the sea or in fresh water lakes, Liset is definately the right place to come to. There are rich resources of fish the whole year round in the fjord, and a trip to the nearby lakes is recommended … or maybe seafishing from large boats will be an experience you will not forget?

On the other hand, if you would like to go for a walk in the famous mountains of Sunnmøre, or to stroll along the coastline, Liset is still the right place for you.

The charming location can also offer cycling on the idyllic country roads or a peaceful rowing trip on the fjord.

Ålesund, with its rich history and exciting Jugend-architecture is definately worth a visit. Sunnmøre museum and the new aquarium, the Atlantic Park, is a must for both young and old.

The Vestkapp centre at Stadt, Geiranger or Runde are all daytrips to be enjoyed either by your own accord or in organized groups. The choice is yours.

There are certainly no lack of activities, but if you want to, you can of course just relax in the beautiful surroundings of Liset Holiday Centre.

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Liset Feriesenter AS, 6082 Gursken

Telefon: (+47) 91594445


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Liset Feriesenter AS, 6082 Gursken
Phone: (+47) 91594445

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Liset Feriesenter AS, 6082 Gursken

Telefon: (+47) 91594445


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